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  c r e a t i v e
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The Green Ledger -
Long Island's Comprehensive
Vegan/Vegetarian Guide
Part One: Nassau County

By Dawn Januszkiewicz and Tiffany Razzano

The Green Ledger is an index of Long Island's natural markets and vegetarian/vegan restaurants. This particular section explores the natural food shops in Nassau County. We decided to review some of our favorites so you may decide to visit them as well. We went to a wide variety of establishments to try to get an accurate assessment of their vegetarian goodness.


Living Natural
177 West Merrick Road

Sunrise Health Store
177 West Merrick Road
These small, shabby, sister stores offer fruit and soy smoothies but little else aside from what you might typically find in a natural food market; some frozen, fake meat products, some produce and some protein bars. These shops are good if there is nowhere else for you to do your veg grocery shopping, but do not expect to get lunch there.

Garden City

Food for Thought
154 7th Street

Glen Cove

Rising Tide Natural Market
42 Forest Avenue
The case items tickle the palate. The deli section suits all taste buds and varies daily but includes items like: yummy, yummy, veggie, honey glazed spring roles, non-dairy potato salad, homemade hummus and more. Homemade vegan muffins are bigger than your head and far tasteful. Frozen and dry foods stock in shelves, including hard to find items like soy whipped cream. (And it's actually really good!)

Uncle Dai's
26 School Street
Your typical Chinese restaurant but with a separate vegetarian menu on the back.

Great Neck

Health Nuts
45 Northern Boulevard
At the deli counter you have the option of prepared tofu, tempeh, seitan, free-range chicken and turkey. The items change daily, but some of the staples include sweet and sour tofu and barbecue tempeh either in a wrap or by the pound. The rest of the store has a surprisingly extensive variety of health food, both dry and frozen, mostly of average prices.


Trader Joe's
1280 West Broadway
We know you know what Trader Joe's is.


House of Dosa's
416 South Broadway
Vegetarian Indian restaurant with plenty of cheap, vegan items.

216 Broadway Mall
We know...this place serves meat and is kind of a fast food place. But it is great for a quick, relatively inexpensive and absolutely fantastic black bean burrito with guacamole. The guacamole is freaking amazing. The only downfall is the occasional surly employee (but, hey, it is the food industry, it is to be expected).


Whole Foods
429 North Broadway
We don't need to explain Whole Foods to you.

Long Beach

Grand Division Natural Foods
104 West Park Avenue
Small health food store near the beach with a tiny food counter. They make soy cheese quesadillas they claim are vegan and hummus wraps as well as many smoothies and juices.


Whole Foods
2101 Northern Blvd


Eden's Way Natural Foods
37 Broadway


Trader Joe's
233 Merrick Avenue

New Hyde Park

Queen Veggie
27 Denton Avenue


Jandi's Natural Market & Organic Café
3000 Long Beach Road
Once you find the entrance, you walk into a fresh but expensive organic produce section, then onward to an impressive case of vegan and vegetarian sandwiches and salads. The store also has a huge deli section and makes smoothies. There's a huge health food section, both frozen and dry as well as unique desserts, with pies and cakes that make you feel school girl young again.

Trader Joe's
3418 Long Beach Road

Oyster Bay

Green Wagon Market
269 Pine Hollow Road
Awesome, awesome produce section. Also sells soy milk, tofutti slices, a ton of great Asian food items and soy meat products. Sushi restaurant, which sells avocado and cucumber rolls among other veggie rolls.


Dr. B. Well Naturally
8 Washington Avenue
Excellent daily options including tofu, tempeh, setien wraps and sandwiches that are ever-changing. Mmmm, barbecue tofu wrap!!! Case items vary daily, but suit all palates. Cakes and pastries set new and higher standards for vegan desserts. (Try the carrot cake and choclate cake.) Extensive dry and frozen health food, including hard-to-find items, and a very fresh and plentiful produce section.

Hunan Cottage
8 Washington Avenue
Chinese food restaurant with an entirely separate vegan menu. You only get it if you ask for it though. And there is a secret password to get it (kidding).

Trader Joe's
425 South Oyster Bay Road

Port Washington

Twin Pines Co-op
382 Main Street

Rockville Centre

It's Only Natural
4 South Village Avenue
The shelves are pretty bare, but they do make smoothies.


All Natural Health Connection
3830 Sunrise Highway
Small, typical health food store.


Long Island Health Connection
520 Jericho Turnpike
Health food store with a deli section that has been closed every time we go there. Tons of those pre-made sandwiches that you see everywhere though. But we have never had them because those things look soggy no matter what store you are at.


Health Nuts
92 Old Country Road
See: Health Nuts in Great Neck

Zen Palate
477 Old Country Road
There is no meat available, but mock meat is plentiful along with other vegetarian and vegan dinners, appetizers and desserts. Comfort foods include veggie burgers with sweet potato fries and bean burritos. Exotic items include a variety of marinated soy protein dishes, veggie ravioli in peanut sauce and tofu cheesecake. Ambience is transcendent but the prices are a downer.

West Hempstead

All photos by Jeremy Grand

Witches Brew
311 Hemsptead Turnpike
Small, eclectic coffeeshop that seems out of place, but very welcome, on suburban Long Island. The place can get kind of crowded though and lots of younger people have started hanging out there, but it's a great place for soy smoothies and fantastic vegan desserts, including a vegan brownie sundae. They also have things like open mics and tarot readings.

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