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Long Island Pride Parade

By Dawn Januszkiewicz

The parade passed through town arousing support and enthusiasm of those near by, but quickly marched into Hecksher Park. Inside were hundreds of glorious homosexuals, decked out in rainbow garb, from rainbow colored boas, necklaces and more.

There were rows of booths set up, offering information for those interested in GLSB, gay and lesbian switchboard, P-Flag, healthy relationships not based in co-dependency and more. Coldwell Banker had a booth set up for those interested in getting a mortgage. There were signs posted for Maloney Attorney General for Gay Rights. There were representatives from the Long Island Community Fellowship, advertising the upcoming Oct. 13 Gala honoring Steve Israel and Chad Allen in Centerport. There were civil and social gay rights groups supporting the cause. Beyond that there was a band performing covering the songs of various artists and many sat to listen and relax. It was an enjoyable atmosphere where one could just sit back socialize and listen to music or get more involved in the gay community.

Photos by Jeremy Grand and Damien Monaco

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